Virtual Exhibitions

Highlights of the Collection

The approximately 150 objects of this selection extend from the early Middle Ages to the twentieth century and represent wide spectrum of the applied art genres.

Art Deco and Modernism

The exhibition "Art Deco and Modernism - Interior design in Hungary, 1920-1940" in 2012 featured more than 200 objects from the museum's collection.

Ottoman-Turkish Carpets

The Museum of Applied Arts is proud to own the second richest collection of the 15th - 17th century Ottoman-Turkish carpets in the world.


For many, exhibitions are the museum, but in reality our work encompasses much more nuanced and varied professional tasks.

The Art of Furniture from Gothic to Biedermeier

The permanent exhibition opened in 2000 in the Nagytétény Mansion Museum features the most significant pieces of the Furniture Collection at the Museum of Applied Arts.

Budapest Interiors c. 1900

The Archive at the Museum of Applied Arts owns numerous archive photographs about interiors of palaces and villas in Budapest around 1900.

Artefacts inspired by Ovid's Metamorphoses

Ovid's Metamorphoses was one of the most popular literal works in the early modern history. The themes from the antique mythology written in readable and poetic form being funny, heroic or morally edifying served as an inexhaustible source for the donators/commissioners, the artists and the craftsmen.

Colorful stained glass in black and white

The Budapest Museum of Applied Arts celebrates the 2020 World Art Nouveau Day publishing the virtual exhibition Colorful stained glass in black and white. Art Nouveau stained glass on archive photographs from the collection of the Budapest Museum of Applied Arts.

Sex libris

The Ex Libris is created through graphic multiplication; it is an artistic trademark which originally was glued into books. By the end of the 19th century it became an independent small graphical art and collection object. Due to its personal character connected to the owner it offers the possibility for intimate, provocative and even erotic themes.

Art Nouveau Artefacts

Thanks to planned acquisition, the Museum of Applied Arts is proud to own a unique Art Nouveau collection which represents both the Hungarian and European development of this style.

Images from the history of the Museum of Applied Arts

The Archives of Museum of Applied Arts hold a number of photographs of prominent personalities, exhibitions and other events from the history of the Museum, established in 1872. The present virtual exhibition features a selection of these photographs, providing an overview of the nearly one-and-a-half-century long history of the museum.

Islamic Art

The Islamic artefacts form an important part of the collections at the Museum of Applied Arts. Specially valued are the collection of Ottoman--Turkish objects which include wide spectrum of works of art from the weapons, textiles made from silk and saddles through ceramics.

'Charming Trifles'

The book "Charming Trifles" compiled by Donka Maros (1948-1994) and published in 2000 gives an elaborate overview of the collection of fans at the Museum of Applied Arts.