Terms and Conditions

Dear Visitor,
in the course of 2012 the Museum of Applied Arts have modernized its electronic collection management system and on the basis of this register have created its online collection database.
Through the online collection database approximately 20.000 works of art with photographs are accessible and their number is constantly growing.
The users can reach the work of arts by different ways from the home page, there are simple and advanced search options, the database can be browsed according to the Collections of the Museum of Applied Arts; moreover in order to make access easier numerous thematic virtual exhibitions have also been created. (On the home page an accidentally generated content comes up which can be updated by reloading the page by pressing F5)
About the artworks descriptive data, objects notes and literature can be read in the database. The data and descriptions of the artworks are based on the publications of the colleagues of the Museum of Applied Arts and fall under copyright legislation. Their usage and citation can be possible according to the general rules of Internet source references.
About the museum and its collection further information can be found on the institution's web page. Here you can get information also about the research possibilities in the museum.
Usage of the photos
The reproductions of the artworks fall under copyright legislation. The photographs of the artworks in the size approximately 750x1024 pixels are free to use for non-profit purposes only ( e.g. thesis, scientific research). Photos are free to share online.
In order to publish the images in any format or to use them for commercial purposes preliminary permission of the Museum of Applied Arts and payment of charge are needed.
In case you would like to order a digital photo reproduction for publication purposes in any media, please fill in the Image Request Form, which can be downloaded here, and send it to photo (@) imm (dot) hu.
To be able to guarantee a smooth and quick administration please fill in every field precisely and implicitly, especially in regard to the inventory number of the artworks required and the way of usage of the reproductions. After this, our collegues will contact you - but the price quote and the publication licence can only be prepared in case of precise information.
At the moment the collection database is working in test mode. In case you have remarks to the operation of the database, please write it to webgaleria (@) imm (dot) hu.
The collection database was sponsored by the National Cultural Fund.