Furniture Collection

The Furniture Collection has about 4500 items, and in addition to furniture it embraces musical instruments and wooden pieces such as small sculptures, gingerbread moulds and toys.

Ceramics and Glass Collection

The Ceramics and Glass Collection consists of 23,000 items. The faience collection features outstanding Italian, Haban and Hungarian (Holics, Tata, Buda) pieces.


In the collection of the library are the fine book bindings mainly made of leather which preciously formed part of the Minor Collections.

Contemporary Design Collection

The most recently established curatorial unit of the Museum focuses on collecting objects of modern and contemporary design. Our goal is to create a collection representing different branches of 20th- and 21st-century design, focusing on the territory of East-Central Europe.

Metalwork Collection

The Metalwork Collection contains 11,000 pieces, mainly consisting of artworks of foreign and partially of Hungarian masters. As well as items of precious metals, there are fine pieces made from copper, bronze, tin and cast and wrought iron.

Textile and Costume Collection

The 17,000 items in the Textile and Costume Collection are mainly from Europe, and some from overseas, representing a wide range of techniques and periods of textile art. Complementing the textiles themselves is a historical collection of equipment used to make them.


The collection holds more than 3000 paper objects, such as greeting cards, decorated papers, devotional images, playing cards, letter papers etc.

Archive / Ex Libris Collection

The Ex Libris collection consisting of approximately 70,000 pieces is one of the most comprehensive of such collections in the world, and offers numerous examples of bookplates owned by memorable book collectors or designed by famous graphic artists.

Archive / Collection of Designs and Drawings

In the collection of designs and drawings the Archive owns approximately 7000 pieces of original designs for different decorative art objects. Besides numerous artists' bequests the collection includes the museum's original plans drawn by Ödön Lechner and his colleagues.

Archive / Collection of Photographs

The collection includes more than 25,000 archive photographs which are unique sources of the works of art and interiors destroyed during the twentieth century, of the private collections in former times as well as of the universal expositions and of the earlier exhibitions in the museum.

Archive / Collection of Printed Design Sheets

The collection of design sheets numbers approximately 7000 entries and primarily consists of printed design sheets and art supplements of periodicals from the nineteenth and twentieth century.