In Circulation

The In Circulation exhibition series was launched by the Contemporary Design Department of the Museum of Applied Arts. During the period of the reconstruction of the museum’s main building on Üllői Road, it is especially important that we keep the pieces of the collection in circulation. In the framework of our series entitled In Circulation, we have invited contemporary designers, once they have become acquainted with the museum’s internationally unparalleled rich collection, to select an object or ensemble of objects that inspires their own work, and to create something of their own design that reflects upon it. The design object(s) born from the inspiration of the museum’s collection will also become a part of the collection, which will also provide the opportunity for further relations and exhibitions.

The series was launched in 2018 with the exhibition of Artista Studio, in the framework of which the museum’s collection was enriched with three unique Artista outfits and their matching accessories. The second exhibitor of the series was Polish designer Maria Jeglińska, who took as her source of inspiration an armchair designed by Sándor Mikó in 1969. The armchair was a part of the furnishings of the You + Me espresso bar. Jeglińska designed moveable walls for the exhibition. Milliner Valéria Fazekas selected two vases from the museum’s collection: one produced in the Zsolnay Factory and one from the Drasche Factory, designing several hat collections upon their inspiration.

The exhibition of the artefacts of Artista Studio was supported by the National Cultural Fund of Hungary. The work of Maria Jeglińska was presented jointly by the Museum of Applied Arts and the Adam Mickiewicz Institute as part of the events of Polska 100 – the centenary of the restoration of Polish independence – and as part of the NIEPODLEGŁA 2017–2022 programme. It is sponsored by the Ministry of the Cultural and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland, and by the Polish Institute, Budapest.