Sculpture - "Ascending clay man or descending golem. Now I think it can be vica versa."

Ceramics and Glass Collection

Accession Nr.: 2009.167.1
Thury, Levente (1941 - 2007)
Place of production: Hungary
Inscription: jelzetlen
Materials: chamotte clay; glazed ceramic; textile
Techniques: hand formed; high-fired
height: 166 cm
width: 60 cm
depth: 22 cm
The sculpture has a ceramic figure stretched out inside a wooden frame with metal wires. The figure is only shown to the chest, head turned sideways with plump cheeks, fin-like protrusions at the temples and the cheeks, a banderole at the mouth with the writ stamped into clay. A finely woven and embroidered textile fragment is tied in a knot on its finger. The work is one of the main pieces of the Golem series.


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