Printed fabric (furnishing fabric)

Textile and Costume Collection

Accession Nr.: 52.1829.1-2
Duco Crop, Michel (1863 - 1901) / designer
Place of production: Netherlands
Inscription: jelzetlen
Materials: cretonne
Techniques: printed
length: 112 cm
width: 82 cm
The light yellow base is printed with light beige, ochre and pink. The surface is decorated with alternating, slided lines of a stylized iris stem between two facing swans. At the 1898 Exhibition of Modem Applied Arts in the Budapest Museum of Applied Arts, this piece was exhibited as «Cretonne with swans», among textiles of Siegfried Bings's Art Nouveau gallery from Paris. Its companion piece and colour variant can be found in the collection of the Museum (Inv.Nos. 52.1829.1.2. and 9000, 9001).


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