Ex-libris (bookplate) - Mór Schnitzer

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Accession Nr.: ELT 92.4
Hazay, Aladár (1881 körül - ) / designer
Place of production: Hungary
Inscription: Hazay A. 1904.
Materials: paper
Techniques: cliché
height: 11,5 cm
width: 8,4 cm
The silhouette of the Venus of Milo represents the enthusiasm for classical beauty as well as a longing for the culture of a past period. The statue of the goddess of beauty is placed beside several, allegorical objects (lyre, notes, the escutcheon of arts and a laurel wreath. The composition is closed and framed by stylized boughs and roses. Aladár Hazay designed several ornaments, head-lines and tail-pieces for periodicals (e.g. Grafikai Szemle, Művészet / Graphic Gazette, Arts/), and others for Mintalapok (Pattern of Ornaments). His pictures mainly consist of simple, Hungarian-style, strongly stylized ornaments.


  • Szerk.: Szilágyi András, Horányi Éva: Szecesszió. A 20. század hajnala. (Az európai iparművészet korszakai.). Iparművészeti Múzeum, Budapest, 1996. - Nr. 9.330. (Horváth Hilda)