Chest of drawers - so called chiffonnier

Furniture Collection

Accession Nr.: 61.287.1
Vogel, Sebestyén (1779 - 1837)
Date of production:
ca. 1820
Materials: pearwood; pinewood
Techniques: black-varnished; gilt decoration; polished
height: 149 cm
width: 73 cm
depth: 42 cm
The square prismatic chest with seven drawers stands on four feet of truncated pyramid shape. It is equipped with gilt brass keyhole shields and pulls. There is a splayed pilaster, ending in a herm, on each side of the front, as if the feet were continued. They seem to support the top drawer, which is slightly protruding. Beside the commodes, which had three or four drawers, „chiffoniers” with seven drawers, were also fairly popular. They were used for storing under-clothes - a practical piece of furniture, characteristic of Biedermeier common sense. The staining which imitates black ebony is evidence for the survival of the Empire style.


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