Báli emléktárgy

Metalwork Collection

Accession Nr.: 62.2065.1
Date of production:
late 19th century
Place of production: Vienna
Materials: gilt brass
Techniques: chiselled; pressed
height: 7 cm
diameter: 6,4 x 5,4 cm
A bonbonniere, forming a dragoon's helmet, modelled on the officer's helmet of the cavalry of the K.u.K (imperial and royal) army. The front of the helmet shows a coat of arms with a crown and a double-headed eagle. The crest shows the imperial crown at the front, with the initials of the ruler and various war emblems on both sides there is the symbol of triumph: a lion struggling with a serpent. There are metal bands imitating the leather chain bands of the helmet. Inside, there is a silk sack. This object, together with Inv.Nos. 62.2066 and 62.2067, has a historical significance. Two outstanding events of Viennese social life was the court ball held in the large ball room or ceremony room of the Viennese Burg and the so-called chamber ball. It is known from the description of Baron Karl von Reden that The old emperor's devotion to the army opened the court ball in front of army officers several hundred officers were allowed to participate... a separate part of the room was reserved for the officers, with a huge buffet at the side. This was of course raided and everybody got champagne in cut glass cups as well as a handful of elegantly wrapped bonbons in their helmets. These were regarded as souvenirs from the ball and were kept by us for years.(see A.S.v.Reden: Az Osztrák-Magyar Monarchia, Bp., 1989 p.93).


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