Accession Nr.: 20072
Place of production: Vienna
Materials: metal sheet; tulle
Techniques: gilded; glued; hand-painted; pressed
height: 5 cm
width: 3,8 cm
thickness: 0,8 cm
weight: 11 g
The paper plates are covered with embossed copper plates, with an oval slot in the middle. There is a painted mother-of-pearl plate placed in the slot. The mother-of-pearl plate of the front shows a landscape, the back depicts a dog. The paper sheets of the folding calendar are glued on a yellow tulle base. There are lilac coated paper sheets fitted between the months, with oval slots in the middle that reveal the tulle base. These are equipped with polychrome paper flowers, shaped as letters. When read together, the letters in the slots create an inscription: SEY GLÜCKLICH!


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