Vase - with the inscription SKOAL (Long life!)

Ceramics and Glass Collection

Accession Nr.: 59.2240.1
Crane, Walter (1845 - 1915) / designer
Date of production:
ca. 1885
Inscription: máz felett kézírással vörös fémlüszterrel MAW & Co
(JACK) FIELD SALOP 76 (csak részben olvasható).
Materials: feldspathic coarse-grained stoneware
Techniques: high-fired transparent glaze; metallic copper oxid lustre
height: 23 cm
base diameter: 8 cm
opening diameter: 17 cm
width: 27,5 cm

The flattened spherical vase is equipped with two low curving handles applied to the shoulder. There is a cup-shaped top over the short neck. The antique shape is decorated with matching, Greek-style ornaments: the figures remind us of the vases with red figures over white base, combined with medieval Persian faience copper lustre technique. The topic of the decoration recalls the national past: the main motif shows two warriors, raising their drinking horns and drinking to each others health, surmounted by the inscription SKOAL. The designer creates a unity of the several different models, following William Morris's advice concerning the harmony of the shape and ornaments of vases, and also makes use of experience with William de Morgan's similar copper lustre pieces.

It was acquired by György Ráth in 1900, on the occasion of Walter Crane's second exhibition in Budapest. Hilda Horvath identified the letter on this subject, see Archives, Museum of Applied Arts, 15.11.1900.503/1900. It was also one of the works of art described in Cat. 1900c p.I7, Nos. 559.561-564 (Dishes with red, blue and yellow metallic lustre, made after the sketches of Walter Crane in MAW &Co., Benthall Works, Jackfield R.S.O, 24 koronas each).


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