Toilette doboz

Metalwork Collection

Accession Nr.: 17861.a-d
Date of production:
early 19th century
Place of production: Austria
Materials: ivory; wax
Techniques: turned
diameter: 6,2 cm
height: 2,3 cm
A round ivory box with a pull-out cover. The slot and the two rims are lined by tortoise-shell. The cover shows a wax relief, painted in polychrome colours and gilt. It is placed under a domed glass, in a copper frame of stamped decoration. The relief depicts a scene with an altar with a short plinth, and flames, under a dome supported by two twisted columns. There are trees and flowers on the sides and an inscription below: BIEN UNIS. The inside of the cover was equipped with a glass mirror. The bottom part of the box can be divided into two parts by an ivory plate: one consists of two curved compartments, covered with ivory plates, while the other half serves as a container for the shaving brush with a bone handle.


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