Accession Nr.: 13696
Egger, Henrik (1836 - 1914) / worshop
Date of production:
late 19th century
Place of production: Budapest
Inscription: jelzetlen
Materials: gold (22 carats)
Techniques: cast; chiselled
diameter: 4 cm
weight: 11,2 g
The broad gold setting imitates the rim of a plate, decorated with stylised plant motifs in red, blue, green and white enamel. The small indenture of the onyx plate shows the cut head of St. John the Baptist, which - in contrast with Renaissance hat decoration - is not enamelled only the bleeding neck is emphasized by dark red enamel. The eyes of the cast gold, chiselled head are closed, lips apart, his hair spread over the plate. A possible model of this decoration is a 16th century French enseigne, in the collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum (Inv.No. 473 - 1873, see Sh. Bury: Jewellery Gallery. Summary Catalogue. London 1982. p. 68, No. 11 and the pict. on p.75.). However, this piece was not more than inspiration, since the nineteenth century master significantly altered the piece.


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