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Ceramics and Glass Collection

Accession Nr.:
Manufacturer: Herend Porcelain Factory
Inscription: alján maszába nyomva HEREND; kékkel bélyegzett
koronás magyar címer; 860
Materials: porcelain
Techniques: gilded; polychrome enamel painting
diameter: 22 cm
height: 2 cm
The large plate has a deep surface and a broad rim. The surface is painted with a Chinese genre, painted in polychrome colours: a female figure sitting among furniture, holding a fan in her left and a paper scroll in her right, with two playing children and two rabbits in front of her, on the ground. The flat rim is decorated with scattered, polychrome rabbits, dishes, flowers and apples. The rim is lined with a Chinese-style border, painted in gold. The bottom shows oriental flowers painted in blue. Marked with HEREND pressed on the bottom, the blue Kossuth coat of arms, and with the date 860.


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