Accession Nr.: 67.220.1
Date of production:
second half of the 19th cent.
Place of production: Hungary (presumably)
Inscription: jelzetlen
Techniques: moulded decoration
diameter: 5,5 x 4 cm
weight: 49,30 g
A large, oval medallion. The reverse of the brownish-grey smoke-stone is plain the front shows the coat of arms of the Károlyi (?) family, carved in relief: lions hold the escutcheon and a flag on the two sides in the centre of the shield, there is a heron, with a dragon biting its own tail. They are surrounded by a deer, an eagle, a lion and two female busts. The shield is surmounted by an eleven-pointed coronet, and three helms. The middle helm shows the half figure of a standing warrior, with a sword in one hand and a cut head in the other. The two side helm depicts rampant lions, with swords. The gold setting is leaf-shaped at the bottom and is enriched with a half shell motif at the top.


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