Coat armour - shirt of László Esterházy?

Textile and Costume Collection

Accession Nr.: 52.2370.1
Date of production:
mid 17th century
Place of production: Hungary; Italy
Materials: atlas silk
Techniques: embroidered with gilded silver thread
length: 78 cm
width: 94 cm
The shirt is open down the front, flaring from the shoulders, with straight loose sleeves and an upright collar. It was once worn over armour. The embroidery of flowers curved in a semi- circular shape decorates the sleeves lace and braid run along the edges of the shirt. The Turkish floral motif so typical of linen embroidery is rare on clothes this shirt is one of the few examples of it. It is said to be the shirt of László Esterházy, who was killed in the battle at Vezekény, 1652. He is portrayed wearing this shirt in the pictorial family tree of the Esterházy family (cf. Tropheum domus inclitae Estoras. Wien, 1700 pi, 82.), and it was also mentioned in the 1725 Fraknó Inventory: "The red satin shirt of poor L. Esterházy, who was killed by the pagan Turks trimmed with gold and embroidered with butterflies and beads" (Inventarium Thesauri Fraknensis Anno 1725 Almarium Sub. Nris. 79 et 80 Nro. 30. - In IM Archives 236/1957.).


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