Accession Nr.: 69.1105.1
Kothgasser, Anton (1769 - 1851) / worshop
Date of production:
ca. 1830
Place of production: Vienna
Inscription: nincs
Materials: colourless lead glass
Techniques: blown; gilt; grinded; polychrome enamel painting
height: 11 cm
opening diameter: 8 cm
The splayed glass stands on a broad foot with cogwheel faceting: a typical example of the Ranftbecher type of Kothgasser's glasses. There are faceted and stained star motifs on the foot, while the surface of the glass is painted in green, pink and gray. The allegorical picture shows a female figure, wearing a white dress and a pink gown, shaded with gray, who ties a vine tendril to a tree trunk, with the help of a putto. There is a symbolic architecture beside the tree trunk: the altar of Friendship. The picture is enclosed by a silver varnished frame and gilt, stylised, flowery boughs. There is an inscription in gold cursives, along the foot: L’Amour conduit par l'amitié.


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