Ornamental album - for the wife of György Ráth


Accession Nr.: 51.633.1
Csányi, Károly (1873 - 1955) / designer and manufacturer
Date of production:
ca. 1905
Place of production: Hungary
Inscription: az Iparművészeti Társulat címeréből kinövő fekete
rózsatővel díszített fejlécében: CK
Materials: calfskin; moire silk; paper board; parchment; silk ribbon
Techniques: embossed
height: 36,7 cm
width: 25,5 cm
thickness: 1,1 cm
weight: 745 g

The surface of the coverplate is decorated with two borders of laurel leaves, wider at the top, narrow at the bottom. The space between them are divided by vertical twigs. The rectangular field at the top bears the inscription MÉLTÓSÁGOS RÁTH GYÖRGYNÉ ÚRASSZONYNAK, while the other, circular field shows the Hungarian coat of arms and the inscription MAGYAR IPARMŰVÉSZETI TÁRSULAT (Hungarian Society for Applied Arts). This was an expression of sympathy made on the occasion of György Ráth's death for the widow. The heading springs from the coat of arms of the Applied Arts Society, decorated with a black rose stem. It is marked with twined CK initials.


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