Nagy pohárszék

Furniture Collection

Accession Nr.: 63.726.1
Place of production: Hungary
Materials: ash root veneer; ash veneer; pinewood base
Techniques: application; appliqué decoration; carved; turned
height: 166 cm
width: 172 cm
depth: 60 cm

Large sideboard: it rests on a broad plinth with a cut arch. The sideboard shapes a lying prism and has three doors. Its pilasters and the middle stop laths are decorated with Gothic motifs at the bottom and shells at the top. The frames of the door panels are constructed of contrasting shells. The drawer panels above the doors have elongated rhomboid inlays, enclosed by a narrow ribbon frame. Applied with wooden keyhole shields in the middle. The top is decorated with a narrow ribbon inlay running along an extra table flap can be pulled out from beneath. The top is narrower the two tierced shelves are supported by a double console of scrolls and leaves and three columns at the back.

Small sideboard: it has the same structure as the large one, consisting of a prismatic body with two doors and drawers, resting on a broad, arched plinth. The decoration of the pilasters and the division lath is identical with those of the large sideboard. The door panels are identical with the middle panel of the large one. The drawer panels have root inlays in plain ribbon frame and are applied with carved keyhole shields. The back is newer, decorated with shells and leaves, with a pierced, oval field in the middle.

Dining table: it rests on four tapering, curved corner legs that are carved with leaves and scrolls as well as on one straight and turned middle leg. All legs are equipped with metal rolls. The frieze and the top are curved and square-shaped, with a narrow ribbon inlay running along the border. Veneered with root in the middle.

Chair: the four turned legs are joint by turned rods on the sides and in the middle. The caned, trapezoid seat curves towards the back. The caned back support forms a standing rectangle. It is placed between twisted columns that end in egg-shaped knobs and ends with a shell-leaf decoration.


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