Metalwork Collection

Accession Nr.: 58.840.1-2
Place of production: Munkács (Mukacseve)
Inscription: jelzetlen
Materials: cast iron
Techniques: pierced
height: 38,5 cm
base diameter: 14,8 cm
width: 33 cm
The centre of the triangular foot of curved sides is pierced, with a rosette inside. Three sedge-like feet rise from the plinth, with upturned edges their bottom are covered with three acanthus leaves, The stem springs from their centre, with a short, spindle-shaped part and splaying leaf belt. It continues in a narrowing, cannelured part, ending in an octagonal column head, which supports the relief figures of two putti, embracing each other and holding a tray with their hands, on which the cannelured, splaying candle holder is placed. Two curved arms spring from the holder, reaching to the side in a spiral, ending in ornamental candle sockets. Both the arms and the sockets are decorated with leaves. A stylised, leaved bough springs from the middle of the candlestick, between the two arms.


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