Painted lapis lazuli panel - The Garden of Eden with the Creation of Eve (recto) - The Crossing of the Red Sea (verso)

Metalwork Collection

Accession Nr.: 19899
Tempesta, Antonio (1555 körül - 1630)
Place of production: Rome
Materials: lapis lazuli (lazurite); mother-of-pearl inlay; wooden frame
Techniques: oil painting
height: 40.5 cm
width: 61.5 cm
height: 23.5 cm
width: 43.5 cm
depth: 7.7 cm
kőlap mérete: 26.5 × 46.5 cm


  • Gálos Miklós: An Antonio Tempesta rediscovered in the collection of the Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest Ars Decorativa, 32. Budapest, 2018. - 7-36