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Accession Nr.: ELT 10.218
Bayros, von, Franz (1866 - 1924)
Place of production: Vienna
Inscription: jobbra lent: BAYROS; ceruzával: Fr. Bayros
Materials: paper
Techniques: heliogravure
height: 14,2 cm
width: 12 cm
Franz von Bayros became known for his erotic illustrations that sometimes reflected the influence of Beardsley or the Japanese arts, sometimes the piquant scenes of Rococo painting. At times, he created scandals with his exhibited works of art, e.g. at the 1913 Bayros exhibition in Budapest, organized by the St. George Guild. Besides erotica, music inspired his activity Bayros himself was an active musician. He planned several ex libris pieces for Rati Opizzoni, a count from Torino. In this work made in 1911, there is a richly ornamented lyre crowned by a garland of roses, a female and male genius. At the top, the bust of Pan appears. The inscription is at the bottom: HARMÓNIA OMNE ARTES MATER (Harmony is the mother of all arts).


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