Ornamental plate - with arabesques and daisies

Ceramics and Glass Collection

Accession Nr.: 13000
Date of production:
ca. 1530
Place of production:
Materials: tin-glazed cermaics
Techniques: painted with cobalt blue; painted with lustre; thrown
diameter: 32,5 cm
The large dish has a slim rim it is shallow and has a round swell in the middle. The slightly green tin glazing is covered with rich, symmetric ornaments made of stylised leaves, tendrils and daisies painted in cobalt blue and gold. The most significant centres of the Italian lustre-painted majolica vessels are Deruta and Gubbio. It is certain that the vessel was made in Deruta a Deruta vessel, painted with similar ornaments – a male profile within a laurel wreath on the middle swell – can be found in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. The surfaces of the vessels often painted in cobalt blue and golden lustre are frequently sectioned the divisions contain various flowers, stylised leaves, peacock eyes, scales and ray decorations. The central parts of the dishes framed with rich floral motifs are frequently decorated with coats of arms, female or male portraits.


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