Decanter and stopper - With the coat of arms of the Fürnberg family

Ceramics and Glass Collection

Accession Nr.: 69.1186.1.1-2
Mildner, Johann Josef (1765 - 1808)
Date of production:
ca. 1800
Materials: glass
Techniques: 'Zwischengoldglas' decoration; blown; gold foil between the layers
height: 34,5 cm
opening diameter: 3,8 cm
base diameter: 9,8 cm
Decanter and stopper: a cylindrical shape, splayed downwards. The bottom, the lower part of the neck and the middle are decorated with olive faceting showing flowers. The top rim is lined with small flowers, in matt faceting, while a medallion against a crimson red base appears in the middle of the front. The back shows an inscription etched in silver foil: "Verfertiget zu Guttenbrunn, im Furnberg Grossen Weinspergwald von Mildner". The ball stopper is diamond faceted, with a horizontal flute in the middle.
Stemmed wine glass: the faceted decoration of the broad, flat foot is semicircular on the rim and olive on the bottom. The baluster-shaped stem is faceted into five sides, supporting the bell-shaped cup. The bottom and rim of the bowl are decorated with olive faceted flowers, while the top rim is lined with small flowers of matt faceting. The middle shows a medallion insert identical with that of the other parts of the set. Stemmed liqueur glass: its shape and decoration is identical with those of the bigger stemmed glass.
Water glass: a slightly splayed bowl, showing lines of olive faceting at the bottom and on the rim, while the top rim is lined with small, matt faceted flowers. A medallion identical with the others appears in the middle. The medallion insert of an analogous piece to the decanter - now in the Niederösterreichisches Landesmuseum in Vienna - is decorated with the coat of arms of the Furnberg family.


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