Book with holster


Accession Nr.: 67.758.1-2
Klein, August (1824 - 1890)
Orczy, Tekla (1830 - 1913)
Date of production:
ca. 1889
Place of production: Vienna
Inscription: az első tábla előzékén lent középen aranyozó bélyegzővel: AUGUST KLEIN, Wien, Graben No 20.
Materials: leather; moire silk; paper; paper board; silver
Techniques: embedded polychrome enamel; gilded; leather binding; watercolour
height: 18 cm
width: 13,5 cm
thickness: 4,5 cm
weight: 1046 g
The front plate of the light brown leather binding is covered with interlaces of Neo-Rococo style flowery foliage, made of silver. The central field shows a lobed cartouche motif, emphasized by the grayish green plush application below, showing the enamelled coat of arms of the Keglevich and Karácsonyi families, surmounted by a nine-pointed coronet. The initials of Virgin Mary appear above the escutcheon, while the initials of Jesus are placed below. The flat spine of the book is divided into five compartments by gilt lines that imitate bands. The back plate is framed with gold and black lines in relief, showing a stylised flower knob in each corner. The book can be closed with an engraved, gilt clasp. The endpaper is made of blue moiré silk the headband is sewn of white and blue silk thread. The edge is marbled in brown, blue and white. A unique feature of the book is that the illustrations were completed at several places by hand-painted watercolour pictures, made by Baroness Tekla Orczy. There is an inscription on the inner side of the cover: Kedves hugom és Keresztfiam neje, Gróf Keglevich Gyuláné Gróf Karácsonyi Amáliá-nak. Szeretet jeleül Orczy Tekla, Ujszász, 1889. (To Countess Amalia Karácsonyi, my beloved sister and the wife of my godson, Count Gyula Keglevich, as a sign of my love, Tekla Orczy, Ujszász, 1889).


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