Accession Nr.: 13717
Date of production:
early 17th century
Place of production: Switzerland;
Materials: glass
Techniques: polychrome enamel painting; tin setting
height: 30,7 cm
width: 20,6 cm
height: 46,3 cm
width: 38 cm

The sheet is decorated with two coats of arms in an architectural framework, the left one is a Baroque shield of gold diaper tincture, with two cantons. It is ensigned with a helm with bars, a blue and yellow mantling and a yellow leaved coronet with a male figure issuant. The figure has moustache and beard on a blue face it has no arms and wears yellow clothing. To the right there is a Baroque escutcheon of sable diaper tincture, charged with a yellow wicker basket (?). It is surmounted by a helm, a black and yellow mantling and a leaved coronet, which shows the same basket issuant, with nine green peacock feathers. The upper corners have hunting scenes, cut into two fields, to the left a hunter with spears and dogs, to the right dogs chasing deer. The lower corners are decorated with putti and musical instruments to the left is a putto playing the drums, to the right a putto playing a flute. Between them is a cartouche with the inscription: Joachim Zollikoffer von und zu Alltenklingen und Katharina Zollikofferin ain geborne Seutter von Kempten - 1599.

The two persons are to be identified with Joachim Zollikofer (1547–1631) of Sankt Gallen and his wife, Kathrina Seuter (1554–1629).


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