Üvegablakterv - Sphaera imaginationis

Archive / Collection of Printed Design Sheets

Accession Nr.: MLT 437
Crane, Walter (1845 - 1915) / designer
Place of production: London
Inscription: Jelzés nélkül.
Materials: paper
Techniques: Indian ink; polychrome painting
height: 18 cm
width: 10,7 cm
The two small drawings in the collection of the Budapest Museum of Applied Arts (an ink and a coloured drawing) can be taken as sketches for the gigantic glass window, designed by Walter Crane. Two coloured glass window designs were prepared for the gallery door of architect Aston Webb's home in Clare Lawn. Both the «Sphaera imaginationis» and the «Speculum naturae» depict allegorical female figures. The designs were realised by the Morris company. The cartoon of Sphaera imaginationis, which can now be found in London, is somewhat different from the Crane design in the Budapest Museum of Applied Arts, having a more decorative and less natural border.


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