Tabernákulumos szekrény

Furniture Collection

Accession Nr.: 52.3319.1
Place of production: Southern Germany
The bottom part has three drawers and stands on four bun feet. Its front and sides are arched, decorated with ribbon inlays. The protruding arched sides flanking the folding top show an emblematic illustration of the proverb Nosce te ipsum: a stalk thrusting its beak into a face. The upper part of the two-storey cabinet hides twelve drawers, enframing a tabernacle door. The door is decorated with a male figure dancing on a checkered floor it is identical with the decoration of the cabinet in the Landesmuseum Joanneum in Graz. The top is decorated with an inlaid star. The top corniche is arched and scrolled. In structure and decoration, the cabinet conforms to the Augsburg type.


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