Screen - with three wings

Furniture Collection

Accession Nr.: 14487
Bauernfeind, János (1745 - 1798)
Date of production:
late 18th century
Place of production: Nagyszeben (Sibiu)
Materials: cherry wood veneer; maplewood veneer; pinewood base
Techniques: inlaid decoration
height: 174 cm
width: 183 cm
width: 91 cm

The broad middle part stands on curved double feet it is divided into two rectangular fields.The open frame of the lower one is covered with green silk - a later addition. The upper part ends in a tympanum, while the centre shows an inlaid landscape, enclosed by a framework of garlands and bunches of ribbons. The landscape depicts a sea harbour, with a triumphal arch of columns in the middle, musical instruments on the sides and a floral garland in the tympanum. The two side wings are narrower, supported by plain, square feet. The frame work of the bottom is open, sup-plied with green silk curtains, and a lattice of turned rods at the top. The horizontal dividing lath is decorated with floral intarsia.

Works by Janos Bauernfeind can be found in the Brukenthal Museum of Nagyszeben, in the Museum of Applied Arts of Budapest, and in the Bakony Museum of Veszprém. Due to the unique intarsia of his delicate, elegant pieces, his furniture is easily recognizable. The surfaces of his furniture are decorated with landscapes in perspective, inlaid in a framed field he usually places symbolical figures or motifs in the foreground of the picture.

The intarsia on the middle of the shade follows the composition of a scenery sketch of Giuseppe Galli Bibiena (1696-1756) of Parma, who was the theatre architect of Charles VI, Holy Roman Emperor, and King of Hungary (with the name Charles III).


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