Pair of commodes

Furniture Collection

Accession Nr.: 72.187.2
Date of production:
ca. 1790
Place of production: Northern Italy
Materials: maplewood inlay; palisander (rosewood) inlay; pinewood; walnut wood veneer
Techniques: inlaid decoration; walnut wood veneer
height: 87 cm
width: 123 cm
depth: 55 cm
The lying prismatic chest of two deeper and a smaller drawer stands on four splayed, prismatic feet. The inlays of the two bottom drawers create a combined pattern: in a maple filet framework of rich foliate ornaments there is an ornamental vase, in the centre of the inner, broad geometrical stripes, among acanthus foliage. The panel of the top drawer shows symmetrical foliate decoration. The top is also decorated with a vase and acanthus foliage in a rectangular frame of straps. The sides have rosette ornaments.


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