Lófejtakaró ( üstöknyomtató)

Textile and Costume Collection

Accession Nr.: 52.2765.1
Date of production:
first half of the 18th century
Place of production: Hungary; Italy
Materials: silk damask
Techniques: decorated with lace
width: 38 cm
length: 54 cm
On the forehead semicircular, on the chin pointed shield shaped form, with two round cut out parts for the eyes. The pattern of the textile: small flowers, but their composition is undistinguishable because of the small size and the lace decoration. There is lace along the border, under the eyelet and in the central axis. In contrast to the metal masks it was not used in battles or tournaments, but in processions. There is no mention in the Esterhazy-inventories which could have been identified with the object.


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