Inner side of the cover of a fairy tale book

Archive / Collection of Designs and Drawings

Accession Nr.: KRTF 930
Crane, Walter (1845 - 1915) / designer
Place of production: London
Inscription: nincs
Materials: paper
Techniques: watercolour
height: 26,5 cm
width: 23,5 cm
Suggested by director Jenő Radisics, this drawing was purchased by the Budapest Museum of Applied Arts in 1900, with several other pieces exhibited that year at the Walter Crane exhibition (About documents on the purchase see the archives of the Museum, Inv. Nos. 1900/446, 1900/501, 1900/503, 1900/510, 1900/517.) The design consists of rhythmically repeated motifs: three white pictures in four rows, against a terracotta base, divided by stylised trees. At the bottom, the pictures are framed by semicircular ribbons. Every second motif is a sailboat the others are humorous, imaginary animal and child figures.


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