Glass statuette - Hello Däniken I. - (from the Aliens series)

Ceramics and Glass Collection

Accession Nr.: 2010.39.1
Gáspár, György (1976 - )
Date of production:
Place of production: Budapest
Inscription: jobbra lent gravírozva: Gáspár 2006
Materials: cobalt glass (coloured by cobalt oxide); uranium glass
Techniques: cast in mould; fused in kiln; grinded; hand polished
height: 22 cm
width: 40 cm
depth: 20 cm
weight: 38 kg

The glass sculptor György Gáspár had already experimented with various techniques for manipulating glass during his university years which he made use of in his works. We always find a concept behind his glass-works, he thinks in series which work through popular themes. In his series Aliens, we find objects with titles such as Hello Cousteau, Hello Howking, Goodbye Stanislaw Lem I., or as this object preserved in the Museum of Applied Arts, Hello Däniken I.

To an audience sensitive to developments in natural history, theoretical physics, and science fiction, the subject matter of the plasticity is unambiguous. The sculpture’s composition, as well as its innovative complexity of form-color-material create an optical expierence.

The Hello Däniken I. is composed of 5 pieces of glass components (dark blue cobalt glass, and green-yellow colored Uranium glass) formed in a mold, melted together in a furnace, and finally cut and polished by hand.


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