Fedeles kanna

Metalwork Collection

Accession Nr.: 69.514.1
Date of production:
ca. 1750
Inscription: alján beütve: ED mesterjegy (nem azonosítható); augsburgi városjegy
Materials: silver; wood
Techniques: cast; chased; moulded decoration
height: 17 cm
base diameter: 7 cm
weight: 330 g
The pear-shaped body stands on a round foot. The surface is decorated with fields of stylized foliage, fruit, leaves and birds, framed by volute pairs. The folding lid is joined to the body with a knuckle. The turned, black wooden handle forms a question mark. The two cans were probably parts of a breakfast or tea set — this would explain the difference in size. The other parts of the set are lacking. The unidentified maker's mark of the initials ED can be seen, together with the mark of the city of Augsburg, on the foot of the can.


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