Fedeles díszkanna

Metalwork Collection

Accession Nr.: 69.976.1-2
Baur, Hans Jakob, I. (1622 mester - 1653)
Inscription: Talpán és fedelének peremén HB mesterjegy mint Seling (2007) Nr. 1369 és augsburgi városjegy mint Seling (2007) Nr. 0580
Materials: silver
Techniques: cast decoration; chased; gilded
height: 37 cm
base diameter: 14,6 × 13 cm
weight: 1610 g
It has an oval, octofoiled foot with a wavy rim the foot-band and the ball-shaped finial of the stem are chased with shells and foliage. The stem and the body are connected by a foliated moulding. The pear-shaped body has a narrow lower strap and a wider one above, made of eight flat blisters. These are ornamented with chased and embossed tulip motifs and scrolls. It has a moulded scroll handle. The spout is the head of a snake with an open mouth. On the domed cover the familiar shell motif appears again. The moulded, cylindrical cover has a projecting finial of a cast lion figure holding an escutcheon. On the escutcheon behind the crown, is the Maltese cross and the order of the Great Elephant. The master's and the city's mark are on the bottom and on the rim of the cover.


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