Ex-libris (bookplate)

Archive / Ex Libris Collection

Accession Nr.: ELT 3.190
Beardsley, Aubrey Vincent (1872 - 1898) / designer
Date of production:
ca. 1895
Place of production: London
Inscription: Jelzés nélkül.
Materials: paper
Techniques: cliché
height: 8,5 cm
width: 7,5 cm
Lines, white and black spots, an indicative illustration of trees and lake are characteristic of the idyllic landscape presented on this drawing. It shows an elegant semi-reclining lady figure and a faun with vine leaf wreath, reading. In the organic, fantasy-filled Art Nouveau, mythological figures representing partly the human, partly the animal world were fairly popular. The same composition was designed for a book cover (the fifth volume of The Yellow Book), and also, with some changes and a richer landscape background, for the ex libris of Aladar Erdey, in 1895. There was a Beardsley- exhibition in the Budapest Museum of Applied Arts in 1907, in which a selection of the illustrations for The Yellow Book magazine, which Beardsley was founder and manager of, was also presented.


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