Hungarian gala costume

Textile and Costume Collection

Accession Nr.: 2008.234.1-3
Date of production:
late 19th century
Place of production: Budapest
Inscription: a dolmány bélésében: Bíró János Budapesten
Materials: braid; mink fur; ornamental buttons; osprey feather; silk satin; velvet
Techniques: crochet; gilded; metalwork decoration
length: 94 cm
length: 117 cm
length: 85 cm

Mente coat: A straight cut coat of red velvet with red braiding and passementerie, and jags at the sides. The rounded collar stretches over the shoulders. The collar is covered and the edges are trimmed with brown mink fur. The set-in sleeves funnel out and reach to the elbows. They are jagged on the outside of the upper arm. There are twenty-nine gilded ornamental buttons with tourquois stones. The red silk satin lining carries the hallmark “János Bíró in Budapest”. A cotton-linen protective case belongs to it.

Mente coat: A less ornate straight-cut coat also of red velvet with red braiding and lined with red silk satin. It has a cottonlinen protective case.

Dolman: Silk fabric of black patterns on a red ground. Cut at the waistline, slimmed, the skirt part reaching down to mid-thigh. The long sleeves are set in, the collar standing. There are eight pairs of braids for buttoning.

Cap: Made of the same red velvet as the coat, it is also trimmed with mink fur. The lining is silk and leather.

Ties: Black silk fabric of cut pointed at the ends. Adorned with metal thread crochet work and metal thread embroidery.

Accessories: buttons, panache, belt made of gilded copper and adorned with turquoise inlay.

Gift by Judit Muskovszky-Csapó. Note: The gala costume was worn by DrLóránd Csapó (Csép, 1862 – Pomáz, 1914).


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