Christening coat with headdress

Textile and Costume Collection

Accession Nr.: 50.6.1-2
Date of production:
ca. 1840
Place of production: Hungary
Materials: bead; cotton thread; machine lace; silk ribbon
Techniques: hand-knit
height: 14 cm
width: 12 cm
length: 19 cm
White cotton. The straight coat with long sleeves 1S open at the front it can be gathered by a ribbon at the neckline. There are two transparent glass beads sewn into each row. It is bordered by polychrome flower motifs, which are continued on the sleeves: green leaves threaded on a brown, wavy stem and yellow, blue and pink flowers. The sleeves and the neck are decorated with a garland of small flowers and leaves. The bottom and the sleeves are trimmed with knit lace, while the neck is lined with pleated frills. The headdress can be tied with a ribbon under the chin. It is decorated with white, pierced plaits and sewed with transparent glass beads. The nape shows a red rose stem in a green wreath of leaves the surface is decorated with a garland of roses. Enriched with three relief flowers, sewn of red, pink and green silk ribbon. Trimmed with pleated machine frills.


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