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Accession Nr.: KRTF 1023.1-4
Nagy, Sándor (1869 - 1950) / designer
Place of production: Budapest
Inscription: N. S.
Materials: paper
Techniques: ink drawing; watercolour
height: 40 cm
width: 28,5 cm
These drawings are in close relationship with the illustrations made for “The Tales of Uncle Móka” (The Best Hungarian Tales of Uncle Móka - by Ignácz Halász. Third edition, Budapest, 1903.) The Hungarian motifs, the typical Hungarian landscapes, scenes and figures are pictured in a linear style, combined with the traditions of perspective. The developing, clear dynamic lines and powerful style of Sándor Nagy will reach its peak with the fantasy illustrations of Elek Koronghi-Lippich's poems, especially in the drawings around texts and also in the side and tail ornaments (Bp. 1903). The motifs are already linear, deprived of any perspective and modelling. They might be identical with those coloure pen drawings that are marked as “illustrations without text”, exhibited at the National Salon in 1909 (see Cat. 1909 Nos. 102-107.).


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