Accession Nr.: 15530
Manufacturer: Philipp Haas & Söhne (Vienna)
Date of production:
before 1873
Place of production: Vienna
Materials: metal yarn; silk yarn; wool yarn
Techniques: brocaded
length: 178 cm
width: 180 cm

This is an outstanding piece of the weaver's trade, both in its technique and in the composition. The Neo-Renaissance ornaments, woven in gold and silk thread against the black base, are extremely effective. The other border is decorated with symmetrical volutes, while the accented inner border contains compartments with flowers. There are vases with flowers in the corners. The centre of the tablecloth is a star motif.

It was exhibited at the Vienna World Exhibition, where it was purchased from Philipp Haas and Sons, with the following heading: "Tapis noir et or métal" (Archives Department of the Budapest Museum of Applied Arts, doc.No. 70/7/1873).


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