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Tea pot with lid (part of a service)

Teapot: a bun-shaped body, with a handle of two twisted, veined boughs, forming a question mark. The handle joins the pot at four places, with relief rosette and leaf motifs. The spout is deco-rated with acanthus leaves, while the top rim is lined with string of pearls. The flat cover is also lined with embossed pearls, equipped with a stylized flower finial. There are sepia ornaments around the finial. Coffeepot: the pear-shaped body is supported by the foot, which is lined with a string of pearls. The handle is similar to that of the teapot, while the spout is decorated with a mask wearing a coronet, the shape and the painted floral decoration of the cover are identical with those of the teapot. Both pots show two sepia transfer pictures: a bucolic scene on one side and a young couple drinking coffee or tea on the other. The egg-shaped cup stands on a narrow foot ring its handle is similar to the handle of the pots. The top rim is lined with embossed strings of pearls. The rim of the ringed saucer is curved its inside is lined with a string of pearls. The outside of the cup and the surface of the saucer are decorated with scenes, similar to the scenes of the pots, both in theme and technique.
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