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Student chair

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    Furniture Collection

  • Artist/Maker:

    Mikó, Sándor (1927-2014) / designer
    Sverteczky, József / manufacturer

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  • Dimensions:

    : 33,5-41 cm
    depth: 36 cm
    height: 67,5-79,5 cm
    width: 37,5 cm

Sándor Mikó, interior and furniture designer, took part in a number of national and international exhibitions. In 2007, the Museum of Applied Arts hosted his retrospective exhibition. Since 1989, he has worked as a freelance designer, and his furniture is produced and sold by Hajdúthonet in Debrecen and Balaton Bútorgyár in Veszprém.

The Tanuló szék, or Student’s Chair, (IM ltsz.: 2007.191.1.) held by the Museum of Applied Arts and the Tanári szék, or Teacher’s Chair, (IM ltsz.: 2007.192.1.), were made with the support of the National Cultural Foundation as part of the “School Furniture Program” in 2002. On this occasion, Sándor Mikó collaborated with József Sverteczky, and Gar. Szolg. Kft. in Székesfehérvár produced the furniture.

The remarkably stable structure of the Student’s Chair is built from dead-burned (sintered) green prifile iron to which is attached the wide, slightly curved, layered beech-wood seat and back rest. The two parallel metal rods, which make up the legs of the chair, slide into the chair’s support section – making the height adjustable, to accommodate a wide range of ages.

The chair planned for the teachers is similarly durable, with the silver dead-burned (sintered) prifile iron frame designed with long-time use in mind. The “U” shaped bent base has two metal bands attached, onto which the layered beech-wood back rest and the “U” shaped rounded metal seat with comfortable grey upholstery.

As part of the “School Furniture Program,” the marching benches and teacher’s tables were also built based on Sándor Mikó’s designs, and with them, many schools renovated their furnishings.

Kiss Éva, Szerző: Mikó Sándor: Mikó Sándor belsőépítész.. Magyar Építész Kamara, Budapest, 2011.

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