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Footed winge glass

The broad foot supports a stem with discs, faceted into eight sides, on which the hemispherical cup of twelve faceted sides stands. The foot is faceted with lines and olives, with carved, geometrical motifs all round. The cup shows carved Baroque and Renaissance motifs: lattice, ribbon, foliage and tendril ornaments, and a coat of arms in a Baroque cartouche. The shape and the greenish colour of the piece recall the early römer glasses of the Rhine-land. It is interesting, that on the other hand, the carved decoration follows the Renaissance- Baroque style of rock crystal pieces.
Varga Vera: Üvegen innen és túl - Bor és Üveg.. Magyar Szőlő- és Borkultúra Kht., Budapest, 2003. - Nr.74.

A kiállítást rendezte: Batári Ferenc, Vadászi Erzsébet: Historizmus és eklektika. Az európai iparművészet stíluskorszakai.. Iparművészeti Múzeum, Budapest, 1992. - Nr. 289. (Varga Vera)

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