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Sketch for an advertisement

  • Accession Nr.:

    KRTF 697

  • Collection:

    Archive - collection of designs and drawings

  • Artist/Maker:

    Csányi, Károly (1873-1955) / designer and manufacturer

  • Date of production:


  • Place of production:
  • Materials:
  • Techniques:
  • Dimensions:

    height: 34 cm
    width: 24,3 cm

The drawing was in the catalogue of the 1902 Christmas exhibition of the Society for Applied Arts. It was one of the advertisements that provided publicity for the exhibiting or sponsoring companies. The work of the young architect, Károly Csányi was among famous artists', such as Sándor Apáti Abt, Ferenc Helbing, Aladár Kriesch, Géza Maróti (Rintel), Oszkár Tarján (Huber) or Ede Wigand. The advertisement filled a whole printed page in the catalogue, its top third decorated with a drawing that radiates sensual humour. It is a cartoon of the Arcadian idyll so popular at the turn of the century: the photographer, as a voyeur hidden in a faun figure, is watching the careless, yet appealing gesture of the wonderful nymph. The drawing made use of monochrome print technology. The dark patch of foliage on the two sides are framed by stressed, double borders. The hand-drawn letters in the bottom field are aligned to the left. However, it lacks the text originally planned on the right side, making the originally symmetrically arranged composition asymmetrical.
Szerk.: Szilágyi András, Horányi Éva: Szecesszió. A 20. század hajnala. Az európai iparművészet korszakai. Iparművészeti Múzeum, Budapest, 1996. - Nr. 9.283 (Lichner Magda)

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