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Five palmette bunches decorate the lobed centre. The leaf bunches are enamelled in two shades of green, the centre with bluish-violet, bright aventurine enamel. The chain was probably applied to the two small shanks connected to the top leaves. The bottom part lacks some pieces, for in contemporary publications similar pendants are enriched with a pendent pearl at the bottom ( e.g. Magyar Iparművészet Vol.5, 1902, pp.102-104, p.195.). Pál Horti and Samu Hibján exhibited their aventurine enamelled pendants of wire edges at the 1902 Christmas exhibition, and also at the Torino International Applied Arts Exhibition, in the same year.
Szerk.: Szilágyi András, Horányi Éva: Szecesszió. A 20. század hajnala. Az európai iparművészet korszakai. I-II.. Iparművészeti Múzeum, Budapest, 1996. - Nr. 9.172 (Pandur Ildikó)

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