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Bottle - Hercules defeating Cerberus/ Death of Hercules

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  • Collection:

    Ceramics and Glass Collection

  • Artist/Maker:

    Fontana, Orazio (1510-1571)

  • Date of production:

    ca. 1550

  • Place of production:
  • Materials:
  • Techniques:
  • Dimensions:

    diameter: 13 x 17,9 cm
    height: 32,1 cm

The pear-shaped bowl, slightly flattened on the two sides, stands on an oval base with an added rim, and ends in a narrowing, long neck. The two sides of the body have relief decoration of satyrs' heads with curving horns. The upper and base rim are both painted in blue and orange on a yellow base, with geometrical motifs. The two sides of the dish show mythological scenes: Hercules defeating Cerberus (Ovid: Metamorphoses IX. ff. 184-185.) and the Death of Hercules. The first scene shows Hercules in front of a cave in a rocky landscape, as he ties up the three-headed Cerberus. The other side of the dish depicts the aged Hercules, sitting on a heap of straw, with his son on his left; in the background are buildings. Painted in manganese, blue, green, grey, orange and yellow. This piece was first described by Mrs Nékám and then by Ilona Brestyánszky; they identified an episode from the story of Job in of the fields. However, it is much more likely that this is also a scene from the life of Hercules. The hero, mortally wounded by the poisoned shirt of Nessos, sits up on his death-bed to receive a promise from his son Hyllos that he will marry Iole after his father's death.
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