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Ornamental jug and cover

The pear-shaped body ends in a slightly tapering neck, divided by a ring, and a splaying top rim, with a small, picked spout. On the left, there is a curved handle decorated with a "nipple", starting from the top third of the body and joining the neck. The optically decorated, striped body is painted in red and green transparent and white opaque enamel, with oriental-Hungarian pomegranates, pinks and stylised floral motifs, enframed by gold. The bottom rim, the dents of the neck ring, and the centre of the top rim and the handle are gilt or decorated with a red stripe. The lid is dome-shaped, decorated with ornaments identical with those on the body. It is equipped with a gilt, onion-shaped finial the edge is also gilt, enriched with red stripes. The ornaments and the technique of this object is analogous with another vase of the collection of the Budapest Museum of Applied Arts (Inv.No. 1196), which was also made in the Giergl workshop. (See the donation register of Henrik Giergl, 1898, IM Archives KLT 482/1: Bosnyák korsó fedővel, vörössel és zölddel árnyalt kristályüvegből, arannyal konturált transparens festéssel /Bosnian jug with lid, of crystal class shaded by red and green, with transparent painting contoured with gold/).
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A kiállítást rendezte: Batári Ferenc, Vadászi Erzsébet: Historizmus és eklektika. Az európai iparművészet stíluskorszakai.. Iparművészeti Múzeum, Budapest, 1992. - Nr. 332. (Varga Vera)

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