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Kéziratos imakönyv - Erhebung des Geistes zu Gott in Gebethen gewiedmet - szentképekkel

The rim of the plates are framed by gilt lines. The front surface is gilt with arch stamp. There is a gilt, red leather application in the middle, connected with the frame of the plate with light brown rays, the whole leather surface of the plate is marbled. The saddle is divided into a bigger and two small fields, gilt with arch stamp. The endpapers are green and red, with leaf and berry motifs. The headband is sewn in white thread, the engravings are gilt. There are eight, detachable pictures of saints among the pages. The paper case of a pull-out top is covered with painted leather, gilt with arch stamp. The lining is identical with the endpapers of the bookbinding.
Szerk.: Péter Márta: A klasszicizmustól a biedermeierig. Az európai iparművészet stíluskorszakai. Iparművészeti Múzeum, Budapest, 1990. - Nr. 2.64. (Lovay Zsuzsanna)

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