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Ceramic picture - Arabic genre

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  • Collection:

    Ceramics and Glass Collection

  • Artist/Maker:

    Hauszmann, Alajos (1847-1926) / painter (presumably)

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  • Place of production:
  • Materials:
  • Techniques:
  • Dimensions:

    height: 59,5 cm
    height: 72 cm
    thickness: 2 cm
    thickness: 6,6 cm
    width: 52,5 cm
    width: 64 cm

The picture depicts an exotic, Arabic genre in a calm, objective approach. In the middle, there is a group of palm trees; the background reveals the characteristic buildings with no windows. There is a packed camel in the foreground with the leader and a small group of male, female and child figures. The basic tone of the naturalistically coloured picture-is light, restricted; the composition is presented in a dry, descriptive way. Vilmos Zsolnay had been experiencing in finding the appropriate technique for the reproduction of oil paintings and the production of artistic ceramic pictures since 1885. This picture is the result of a version of the developed technique, presenting light effects. The technique is also mentioned in the memories of Teréz Zsolnay (see Zsolnay 1975 pp.131-132).
Batári Ferenc, Vadászi Erzsébet: Historizmus és eklektika. Az európai iparművészet stíluskorszakai. Iparművészeti Múzeum, Budapest, 1992. - Nr. 258. (Csenkey Éva)

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