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This is a variant of Cat. No. 9.73, in a larger size. The goblet is wheelthrown and spontaneously handshaped from a sand-glass-like, cylindrical body. The round, straight foot supports a softly bent body, creating four dents and four upwardly curving ribs. The twisted neck is surmounted by a wavy cup with five dents and a delicate, splaying, wavy top rim. The glaze is marbled with blue, green and gold, with a slight purple iridescent effect. The Zsolnay collection of the Janus Pannonius Museum has two similar goblets with another glaze patter, Inv.Nos. 51.4816.1 and 51.4852.1. The Zsolnay factory exhibited a whole series of chalices at the 1898 Christmas exhibition. A contemporary critic remarked their about these pieces: "...there are some exhibited pieces without any kind of ornamentation, creating effect only with the intentionally spotted, marbled glaze."
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